Glimpses of God

One of the biggest benefits of a bum knee is slowing down enough to see God at work all around me. I was unable to write my blog last week because I was on a trip visiting colleges with our youngest daughter. Planned well before I blew my knee this was our only window to make it happen. Challenging on crutches and in a wheelchair with just the 2 of us. Keep in mind I can not carry luggage or fill a plate in a dining hall line or do a campus tour without a wheelchair.

The first morning at our hotel I hobbled into the dining area on my crutches and sat down while my daughter went to fill our plates. A family was seated a few tables away that included a mom and 5 children. One of the children was in a wheelchair, probably 7 years old, and could not feed herself. 2 more were under the age of 5 and the remaining 2 looked to be young teens. The mom passed the spoon to her oldest daughter and approached my table. She asked if I was traveling alone and could she fill a plate for me. In the middle of all that was involved to feed her family by herself she stopped to ask a stranger if she could help. A glimpse of God to start my day.

We found the admissions office in time for our campus tour. Prior to that my youngest daughter had helped me get in and out of the shower, brought me clothes, brought me breakfast, loaded the luggage and checked us out of our hotel. Although she had been on college visits with her older sister this was the first time she had visited a college where all of the attention was on her as the prospective student. Adding a mom in a wheelchair definitely added to her stress. Especially when our campus tour got caught in the middle of 4000 students rushing to change classes. But you know she never wavered and dug in to do what had to be done. As an almost 17-year-old she served her mama tirelessly without complaint and without attitude. Not just that day but every day of the 3 weeks since the injury occurred. Seeing my daughter rise to the occasion in such a splendid way is definitely seeing a glimpse of God at work in my child.

While she sat in on a 2 hour art history class I settled into a spot at the visitor's center to wait. While I was sitting there I was approached by a college student who was passing by. He introduced himself and asked my name which I told him. He then asked what happened to my leg so I explained. He asked if he could pray for me and I said yes. Then he asked if he could lay his hands on my leg while he prayed. It was getting a little uncomfortable for me at this point but I said yes. That young man sent up such a prayer for healing that I could barely say thanks when he was done. With a smile and handshake he disappeared into the mass of students passing through on their way to the next class. Glimpses of God indeed!

At the end of our college trip I left my youngest visiting my oldest at the college where she is finishing her freshman year. This meant I was driving by myself for 7 hours. Turns out it was to be in pouring (should I pull over to the side) rain for most of the way. I had already figured out it  was pretty much impossible to use crutches or a wheel chair by yourself and hold an umbrella. The 2 times I needed to stop it abruptly stopped raining. Got back in the car, pulled back on to the freeway and it started to pour again. Both times. Thank you God.

Precious Father - May we all slow down enough to clearly catch glimpses of you at work throughout our day. Please use us as a tool for others to see you at work around them. Lord, may we be a blessing to the people around us and may we be blessed in turn. Amen.