Telling His Story

I have the opportunity at the end of July to attend a Christian conference created by women for women who are called by God to speak and write. It is a large investment of time and money. I will know no one, travel by plane to an area of the country I have never been before, and stay by myself in a hotel room for several nights.

I am going because I know nothing about creating a brand, building a platform, having a social media presence, proposing a book, or any of the other things I need to know to reach a larger audience with the message God has placed on my heart.

An info seeker by nature, I just spent 2 hours on a call designed to help us make the most out of our time at the conference. It covered everything from networking and business cards to the elevator pitch and creating a one-page book proposal. I gained pages of notes, resources and information. I also gained a sense of panic (lots to do in the next 6 weeks) and insecurity (who am I to think I have anything to offer).

The facilitator started with a verse I was not familiar with from Psalms 68:11 which says, “The Lord announces the word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng." I do not know the exact number of a "mighty throng" but I am thinking it is a pretty large group. And I believe God has asked me to be part of that group. I am thankful that in God's math He makes room for each one of us to use our gifts and talents for His glory. 

Which brings me to the next point I pulled from the call. The messages I speak, blogs I write and book that may or may not be published someday are not my story. They are not about me. They are God’s story, they are all about Him, and it is entirely up to Him to use them in whatever way He sees fit.

I can choose to focus and worry about what I don’t have that others do such as a finished manuscript, large social media presence etc. Or I can focus on the One whose story I strive to tell and follow where He chooses to lead me.

I need to keep my eyes on Jesus and not on the women around me. There will always be people around me who are smarter or prettier or thinner than me. And at this conference women who are published authors and have thousands of facebook followers. But the same God who used a fugitive to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and planted the church on the backs of uneducated fisherman can certainly use me with all of my flaws to reach women for Christ.  

Precious Father, thank you for the talents and abilities that you give us. May we use them to tell your story and glorify your name. And Lord, may each of us in out own way be part of the mighty throng that proclaims your word. Amen.